When I laid eyes on my chaps for the first time, I was stunned at how amazing they looked. They were everything I had dreamt they would be. Dale’s quality of leather work is exquisite. He and Kristi’s ideas and designs are very unique and fresh. Out of all the rodeo queen and rough stock chaps I have seen over the years, I can honestly say I have never encountered such a well-made pair of chaps. I feel very blessed to be wearing Pro Rodeo Original Chaps during my rein.

When I look at my chaps I think of all the places they are going to go with me and all the memories I will make in them.  They will not only be an item I will cherish for my year as Miss Rodeo Colorado, but they will be something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Thank you Dale and Kristi, I will wear my Miss Rodeo Colorado chaps with much pride!

My Miss Rodeo Colorado 2012 chaps are my very first pair of chaps I have ever worn. Since I was a little girl I have always imagined what my first pair of rodeo queen chaps would look like. Being born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado and now having the honor of representing Colorado in the Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association  and the Miss Rodeo America organization I knew I wanted to dedicate my chaps to my state. What I loved most about the process of designing my chaps with Dale and Kristi was how we were able to collaborate with each other and come up with the Colorado themed ideas.

This will be the sixth year in a row that we have used Pro Rodeo Originals to make the chaps for the Miss Ravalli County Rodeo Pageant.  Dale and Kristi have consistently produced unique creations, with no detail spared, at a very reasonable price.  They back their leatherwork with excellent customer service, offering a personal experience as well as innovative concepts and designs.  Having compared several pairs of chaps from different makers we can without a doubt say that the products from PRO are some of the highest quality we have seen. We continue to be 200% satisfied with every new year, and with every pair of chaps we receive.

Jennifer and Kathy Marshall, MRCR Pagent Directors, Hamilton, Montana

Ann Clemmitt - 2011  Miss Rodeo Nevada

Cassidy (Cabot) Bach - 2012 Miss Rodeo Colorado

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Pro Rodeo Originals

Thank you Dink & Kristi Anderson (Pro Rodeo Originals) for your continued support! My horses feeling amazing! They LOVE their Blue Bonnet Omega Force and Transform! The demands on A horse at this level are great, and this feed goes above and beyond to help these athletes feel there best! The biggest benefit from the Omega Force is that it is low in Starch, high fat and elevated levels of Vitamin E and Selenium help horses that tend to tie up. The Transform Is also very helpful because it helps a horse process starches and sugars more effectively. Also has Pre-biotic and Pro-biotic's that help your horses digestive system!

Speedy has had a GREAT WEEK! He placed at 4 of the 5 rodeos we went to this week! He feels amazing! Thank you for supplying my horses with the BEST FEED ever! The Blue Bonnet Omega Force is keeping him health and feeling GREAT!

Kim Schulze - WPRA Barrel Racer, Larkspur, CO

I absolutely love my Pro Rodeo Originals Chaps that were created for me as Miss Rodeo Nevada. The Pro Rodeo Originals crew did an amazing job turning my dreams into a reality and you can't beat their customer service! They are the best!"